Process and Methodology

Mediators may use one of several approaches during the mediation process. While we retain a flexible approach, Bridge Mediation often uses a negotiation methodology known as interest-based or principled negotiation. This approach enables the parties to focus on resolving the problem using a structured results-oriented process in order to reach mutually acceptable outcomes.
Bridge Mediation will provide details of the mediation process to both parties and address any concerns prior to the start of the mediation. 
The Mediator Standards Board recommends that all parties involved in a dispute and considering mediation should read a copy of the Practice Standards for Mediation. This document informs all participants in a mediation about what they can expect with respect to the mediation process and the mediator.

Mission and Values

The mission of Bridge Mediation is to provide quality dispute resolution services to our clients and by extension to the broader community. We are committed to our values of neutrality, confidentiality, integrity, accountability, and mutual respect in all of our interactions.