Bridge Mediation can assist you, your staff and your employees with an opportunity to work together in a safe environment with the assistance of a mediator/facilitator/neutral third party to find a resolution to conflict and disputes in your workplace.

Running a business involves interacting regularly with multiple individuals and organisations. Problems will occur from time to time which may lead to ongoing conflict and disputes with any one of these parties. Employees need to know that their employer takes these problems seriously and that there is an effective resolution process in place to address all their issues. Most disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively through facilitated communications between the parties.

Employment disputes can consume a lot of time and company resources and have a serious impact on morale and staff performance. The use of an appropriate dispute resolution process focused on restoring an agreed professional code of conduct within the company will help to reduce the impact of the dispute on the company and all employees. 


Bridge Mediation can also assist you and your organisation by providing conflict management coaching to either individuals or teams to enable them to develop their skills and techniques to address and deal effectively with conflict in their organisation and improve their overall performance.



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