Process and Methodology

Bridge Mediation works with all the participants involved in a dispute to understand their needs and the situation in order to develop an appropriate dispute resolution process.

Our dispute resolution processes are based on interest-based problem solving methodologies tailored to meet the needs of the participants.

Why Us

Commercial contracts and disputes

Bridge Mediation assists organisations resolve contractual issues with their clients and suppliers in order to maintain their business relationship.


Bridge Mediation assists employers and employees manage conflict and resolve disputes within the workplace to provide a safe and productive working environment.

General mediation issues

Bridge Mediation assists people in dispute find solutions to their problems. These disputes may involve family members, neighbours, schools, your property, the environment, loans, franchises and other community matters.

We provide experienced Dispute Resolvers
to resolve disputes

Bridge Mediation offers effective client-centred dispute resolution services to enable the participants to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our practitioners have a wealth of experience involving conflict and disputes related to Business, Commercial Contracts, Workplace and Employment, Buildings & Renovations, Information Technology, Professional Services, Children, Older Persons and Family Matters and many more areas.

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Practice Areas

We specialise in assisting our clients manage conflict and resolve disputes.

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Workplace Disputes

We have successfully facilitated many conflicts and disputes in the workplace.

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Business Disputes

Resolving a business dispute frequently involves restoring the business relationship.

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Family Disputes

We assist parents, partners and families find mutual solutions to their issues.

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Elder Mediation

We provide a co-operative solution focussed process for elders, their families and their carers.

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Dispute Avoidance

The best way to avoid a dispute is to circumvent it from happening in the future.

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Bridge Mediation provides all the participants with an effective interest based process to resolve conflict and disputes.

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