Elder Mediation

“Elder Mediation” is a co-operative process in which a professionally trained elder mediator assists an older person and their families to discuss important topics, work through issues in order to make decisions and reach agreements which have a particular impact on older adults.

Elder mediation is a focused, preventative, respectful process usually involving multiple parties, multiple issues and inter-generational in nature.  

The mediator facilitates the discussions focusing on strengths and empowerment and assists the participants to both listen and be heard in a safe and respectful manner in order to address their stated wishes and concerns.

Chris Pitts is a trained elder mediator and a member of EMAN

Where may Elder Mediation be Useful?

Elder Mediation may be used to address conflict and disputes in the following areas:

  • Inter-generational conflicts and family dynamics

  • Family businesses issues

  • Aged care (preparation/transition/during)

  • Immediate family members and/or extended family

  • Misuse and abuse of power (financial, assets)

  • Grand parenting issues

  • New marriages and step-relative issues

  • Driving and safety issues

  • Housing issues and living arrangements

  • Legal issues (estate, inheritance, living will, enduring powers)

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