Business Disputes

Bridge Mediation can assist you, your clients, your suppliers and your employees with an opportunity to work together with the assistance of a mediator/facilitator/neutral third party in order to find a resolution to your business problems created by conflict.

Running a business involves interacting with multiple individuals and organisations who make up your supply chain. Problems will occur from time to time which may lead to ongoing conflict and disputes with any one of these parties. Most disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively through facilitated communications between decision makers.

If you are unable to resolve this conflict and reach an agreement seriously consider using an appropriate dispute resolution process to enable all the parties involved to discuss the problem, explore options, find a solution and restore their working relationship which is critical to the success of your business.  This is a better approach than resorting to costly and time consuming litigation in order to have a court make a determination for you.

Benefits of using Bridge Mediation

  • Our accredited mediators understand business, have experience in dealing with commercial disputes and assist parties find practical solutions to problems

  •  We work with all the parties to tailor the process to meet your needs and actively progress the matter towards a solution

  • We work with the parties to ensure they are appropriately prepared and then schedule the mediation a s soon as conveniently possible

  • Legal representation is not required; you may choose to have a legal representative involved throughout the process.

Benefits of mediation for both parties

  • Saves you time and resources if you can find a solution and solve the problem quickly

  • Reduces stress within the organisation and all the people impacted by the problem leading to increased productivity and higher morale

  • Mediation is confidential so that reputations and your brands are protected and settlements are not disclosed

  • You both determine the solution and the outcomes which will meet your needs and based on your terms

  • The total cost of mediation is shared by the parties. You avoid litigation and the costs of your legal team. You will not be required to pay any costs of litigation incurred by the other party.  

  • The commercial relationships between the parties are preserved for the future.


What our clients are saying about our commercial mediation services:

I was involved in a dispute between a licensed club and their caterers which had escalated to a point where communications were breaking down and there was a risk that the business of both parties would fail. The issue was more a commercial and personal one rather than a purely legal one and I was looking at a mediator with a commercial bent. Following some research, I came across Chris Pitts’ details and proposed him to the club and my clients who both were happy to proceed.

Chris conducted the mediation in a very practical and user-friendly way and I am happy to say that not only was the dispute resolved but that the parties have satisfactorily continued their working relationship.

I would recommend Chris’ services for any commercial dispute.

Rob McCourt
McCourts Solicitors

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